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Nursery Units
Age Range:  From Birth – 15 Months Old 

Our modern, fully airconditioned spacious and child focused nursery units have been designed with the babies individual needs and development in mind.  Our units are fully equipped with age appropriate, safe and nurturing furnishings, toys and equipment.  Extreme efforts have been made to create a family friendly, age appropriate homely environment.

We have  seperate sound proof nursery sleep areas with individual full sized cots for all of the babies to promote peaceful, tranquil rest.  

In addition our change, bath areas, food and bottle preparation areas have been designed with the utmost care and attention.  The seperate outdoor play areas are well shaded, safe and age appropriate to support the individual physiological and emotional needs of each and every baby in our care.

Toddler Rooms
Age Range: 15 Months – 2 Years Old 

Our Toddler Rooms are spacious and open allowing for adequate supervision of our busy learning toddlers.  We have a varied range of stimulating, age appropriate and child focussed toys, books and furnishings to support and promote our toddlers emerging skills and development.

The outdoor play areas are well shaded and covered and are well equipped with appropriate nurturing safe child focussed equipment and support each child's individual needs and development level.

Junior Kindy Rooms
Age Range: 2 – 3 Years Old

Our Junior Kindy rooms are open and well ventilated and are equipped with a varied range of educational resources that provide our children endless opportunity to learn grow and develop in a nurturing safe child focussed environment .


The rooms are designed with the safety and appropriate supervision of the children in mind. With an abundance of learning resources, toys, furnishing and equipment the group leaders easily lend themselves to support and nurture each and every child's individual developmental needs.  

The outdoor play areas are located directly adjacent to the internal play areas and naturally promote age appropriate active play and support each childs emerging independence and skills. 

Pre-Kindy Rooms
Age Range: 2 – 5 Years Old 

Our Pre-Kindy rooms are fully equipped with a large range of age appropriate and educational resources that support the individual and independent learning needs of each child in the rooms.  

The rooms are designed to promote ease of movement and flow from the varied activities and experiences.  Care is taken to provide an environment and resources that are conducive to the needs and independence of each child in attendance.  

The outdoor plays areas are well shaded and encourage active, imaginative, safe child initiated play and experiences.

Kindergarten Rooms
Age Range: 3 – 5 Years Old

Our Kindergarten rooms are large, open and airy.  All are fully equipped with a large and varied range of age appropriate resources.  We have made a every effort to provide stimulating, nurturing and learning environments with resources that include age appropriate books, puzzles and educational toys.  

Children are also encouraged to actively participate in role play and construction, art and craft games and activities.

The indoor and outdoor play areas are well equiped to promote the preschoolers skills, independence and individual development.