It takes the community to provide the best environment for nurturing the individual. Communities that encourage involvement from different professions offer learning opportunities for all children. There are numerous ways we can join together to provide the best possible childhood for today’s children.
The Childs World Connect and Protect program aims to educate the children in our service to have a better understanding and connection with the service men and women in our community, as well as local businesses and educational programs within Cairns to promote health, well being, and learning.
If you would like to be a part of the Childs World Connect and Protect program and would like to organise a visit to empower the children with knowledge about your service or educational program please email Alison - amccallum@childsworld.com.au or call 0475259709.

When children are raised by loving caring parents, share an extended family and grandparents, and have opportunities to learn from others in the community – they have the best childhood has to offer.
-Carolyn R. Tomlin

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