Childs World Early Learning Centre Managers

  • Nicole Childs World Group - Director of Operations

    Years of Experience:  I have been in the childcare industry for the past 27 years and for much of that time I have worked in management roles. I have been part of the Childs World Management Team since the company started many years ago. I now oversee the Group's day to day childcare operations.
    Qualifications: I hold an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services
    What I would like children to learn from me: I believe children are the cornerstone of our way of life and are our most valuable assets and for these reasons I would like children to learn from me to be kind, considerate, caring and supportive towards each other and to just enjoy their early years by having fun through natural based play and by having real and meaningful day to day interactions with their little friends and adults alike.
    Why I love working with children: I love working with and around children as I see first hand their daily growth and their hunger for knowledge and their willingness to undertake different learning experiences and to see how they actively participate in the many and varied cultural activities available to them at Childs World. The joy on the faces of the children when they partake in a new adventure or achieve a new goal gives me all the satisfaction I need to stay in this industry for another 27 years.

  • Tricia Childs World Group - Family Resource Coordinator

    Years of Experience:  I have been part of the Childs World Management Group since 2017 as our Family Resource Coordinator.
    Professional Background: In my many years of employment I have always been family and customer focused and have a strong background in customer care and human resources.
    What I would like children to learn from me: I would love for every child to learn that they are all capable of being whoever they want to be and that EVERY child is loved and supported through their journey in life.
    Why I love working with children: The innocence of children is a “breath of fresh air”. I love watching them discover who they are and what interests them the most. Their individuality and outlook with their peers make them who they are and allows a vision of where they can be nurtured to being the best version of themselves. A little guidance and recognition gives confidence, acceptance and security.

  • Catherine Swim School Supervisor/Teacher & Educator

    Years of Experience:  I have been a Swimming Instructor since 2007 and Coordinating Childs World Swim School and assisting as an Educator since January 2013.
    Qualifications & Training: I am a licensed swimming instructor and I hold the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics, Teacher of Access and Inclusion, and Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes qualifications. I am also an Approved Autism Swim Individual provider (specializing in swimming lessons for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder) for 2023, an AUSTSWIM accredited Assessor and I hold a Bachelor of Educational Services.
    What I would like children to learn from me: I believe that learning to swim is an essential part of early years education. Attending quality swimming lessons not only gives children life saving skills in the water, it also can promote improved social, cognitive, and physical outcomes. Learning to swim independently helps children have more self-confidence and self-efficacy and they have so much pride in their achievements.
    Why I love working with childrenI love helping children build confidence to be more independent in the water and attempt new skills. Its very rewarding to see them grow and improve their abilities and know that they are becoming safer in and around the water. I especially enjoy building trust and relationships with all the children under my care.

  • Renee Director Centre 1

    Years of Experience:   I have been in the industry for approx 18 years
    Qualifications & Training: My current qualifications are Diploma in Early Childcare Services
    What I would like children to learn from me: I would like them to learn to be kind and have a loving caring nature towards others. .
    Why I love working with children: It’s fun working with the children to see them grow, thrive and excel, Flourish and exceeding in to the bright talented humans they will become, through imagination, creativity and fun learning, that we are providing them.

  • Natalie Director Centre 2

    Years of Experience:   I have been in the industry for around 23 yrs
    Qualifications & Training: My qualifications are Diploma in Early Childcare Services and currently Studying Advanced Sector Management
    What I would like children to learn from me:  I think one thing I can pass on to a child is a sense of belonging and being, but above all the need to be heard and understood and setting the foundations for the fundamentals in life in experiencing fun and learning in a happy and safe environment, throughout childhood.
    Why I love working with children:  I find that working and interacting with children of all backgrounds lets me be a part of their heritage and culture and we can all learn from each other. I also love watching them grow from small little toddlers into there early childhood and creating memories and expanding their imagination for an exciting childhood, watching them spread their wings and excel.

  • Veronica Director Centre 3

    Years of Experience:  I have been an active member of the childhood profession for over 27 years.  I have been privileged to work under and with some outstanding individuals who have guided and mentored my professional development. I have worked in all aspects of the profession, from unqualified assistant to my current role as the Centre Director here in centre 3. I have been in this role since March 2014, and plan to continue for many more years to come
    Qualifications & Training:  I have an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.
    What I would like children to learn from me:   I hope that I can teach the children that anything is possible if you follow The Three P’s of Life – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance.
    Why I love working with children: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela
    I believe that respectful, caring bonds with children and their families are the vital foundation for a wonderful education experience. Each child brings unique strengths, abilities, needs, interests, and experiences, and I enjoy the challenge of building and extending the success of each individual child. I believe that children must perceive that they are able to achieve goals at their own pace.

  • Sarah Director Centre 4

    Years of Experience:   I have been working in the childcare industry for 15 years, I Have had various roles from Kitchen, float, room leader, Educational Leader and Director. I’ve been at Childs World for 5 years.
    Qualifications & Training: Diploma in Children Services.
    What I would like children to learn from me:  Patience and Kindness, accepting everyone for their differences and overcoming challenges together. 
    Why I love working with children:  I love watching them grow and learn and become who they are, giving them the tools and skills in life to develop. I love being able to be part of a child and a family’s journey through life, its such a rewarding feeling. 

At Childs World, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality early childhood education and care, for your greatest asset 'Your Child'. Our objective is to provide safe, flexible, child orientated and play based programs, which are specifically designed from observing each and every child's individual experiences, development, skills and abilities.

Management at Childs World exercise an exhaustive screening process when selecting our Educators, and endeavour to employ educators that have the important skills and attributes that are vital in providing the highest possible Early Childhood Education and Care to the children within the centres.

All Early Childhood professionals employed at Childs World play a vital role in the lives of the children and their families.

Our Educators are employed in accordance with the National Law and Regulations and ensuring they hold qualifications such as Certificate III in Early Childhood, Diploma in Early Childhood, Advance Dipolma in Early Childhood or a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). We also ensure our Educators and support staff at our centres have mandatory working with children blue cards, first Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma certificates. Educators and Teachers are committed to their own continued professional and personal development and training.

At all times the management at Childs World will support their Educators in their endeavours through providing ongoing development and training. Our Educators are required to attend staff meeting and training and are actively involved in revision of all our policies and procedures endorsed through our centres.

All Educators are involved in the centre's Assessment and Rating process, which supports 'quality experiences and positive outcomes for all children'. At Childs World our Early Childhood Professionals are dedicated and pride themselves in offering each child a home away from home, and will support your child as they develop their own individual skills, abilities and interests. They are committed to supporting and nurturing all of the children in their care, providing them the best possible start in life.