Childs World Centre 1

P:  (07) 4045 4045  Extension 1
A: 2 Borrowdale Close Bentley Park, Cairns, Qld.



Hello and welcome to Childs World Centre 1.

Our aim is to ensure that every child and their family has access to developmentally appropriate, wholesome care and education. We support and welcome parents’ interests and involvement into the community of our centre and include this in the children’s learning to enhance their time with us. Our Qualified teachers and educators value diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Respecting and including the many differing social and cultural backgrounds of each child and their families. We promote learning through play and strive to support children in the ways they connect with the natural environment and world around them. We believe in a long-term commitment to the provision of high-quality care and education through continual planning, involvement and reflective practices.