Welcome to Childs World Centre 3, we believe that caring bonds with children and their families are the vital foundation to a wonderful child care experience. Each child brings unique strengths, needs, abilities and interests to the centre. Our teachers and educators enjoy the challenge of extending the success of each individual child. We provide rich experiences from a varied, developmentally appropriate program and ensure that children can make choices and attempt new challenges. At Centre 3 we choose only the finest literature, songs, rhymes, and poems to give our children because these language models plant the seeds that grow into tomorrow’s thinkers.

We believe the child care experience must nurture social – emotional skills in each child, this creates joyful, happy memories. At Centre 3 we have Guinea pigs which are an integral part of developing the social and emotional well being of our children. Having a little cuddle or bringing in some vegies to feed them helps our children feel a sense of accomplishment and peacefulness. Tending to and caring for the Guinea pigs helps the children to be able to say goodbye to mum and dad and confidently progress with their day.

We believe that all children thrive in an environment that has a nonbiased atmosphere, where children can express themselves, play, learn and grow freely.