Childs World Centre 2

P:  (07) 4045 4045  Extension 2
A: 2 Borrowdale Close Bentley Park, Cairns, Qld.



Our Teachers and Educators at Centre 2 take a holistic approach, we pay attention to children’s physical, personal, social and emotional and spiritual well being as well as cognitive ways of being and learning. Our mission is to work collaboratively with children, families, and the wider community. Focusing on the child’s sense of wellbeing in a nurturing and cultural enriched environment. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that is warm and friendly where families and educators come together focusing on guiding each individual child to realise their full potential with a strong sense of identity.

We see every child as an individual, each child is respected for their own needs and personalities. We provide structured activities and experiences that include the Kindy curriculum, regular reading times, arts and crafts, musical activities, dance, swimming, indoor and outdoor free play. The most important thing is that children are having fun in a safe learning environment. It is critical for our educators to continually build their professional knowledge by engaging in ongoing internal and external professional development, furthering their education and skills.